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"John is a very passionate leader that clearly loves his field. Take the time to read his work, as it will not only give you insights on how to achieve stronger results, you will

connect with John's passion and clear desire to make a difference. "

David Armstrong

The Asset Management Council of Australia's AMPEAK

The Asset Management Council of Australia’s AMPEAK, is Australia’s premier asset management cross-sector event was held April 7 to 10th at the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle in Fremantle WA. Along with Andrew Pearce of the UK’s Environment Agency, John presented on the “International Asset Management Benchmarking: the TEAM2100 Case Study” on how TEAM2100 and the Environment Agency are using the Water Services Association of Australia’s (WSAA) benchmarking process to help drive change towards world class status.


4/7/19 - 4/10/19

5/6/19 -



The Reliability Conference

The RELIABILITY Conference, one of the most significant reliability venues in 2019 was held between May 6 and 10, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue on Seattle’s Eastside 900 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, Washington. More info can be found at

John co-presented on two (2) events:

1)      A 45-minute presentation was on “Executive Sponsorship in Making Asset Management Programs Successful – the City of Atlanta’s Executive Sponsorship Framework” that detailed the Department of Watershed’s (DWM) approach and framework for success in developing a strong guiding coalition that should ensure implementation success of this priority initiative.

2)      Along with Laith Alfaqih from STANTEC, a 45-minute presentation was held an overview of “Report 172: A Guidebook for Considering Life-Cycle Costs in Airport Asset Procurement”. More information on the Report can be found here


The North American Asset Management Conference

The Institute of Asset Management (IAM’s) Inaugural North American Asset Management Conference was held in Chicago, Illinois from October 1 to 3 at the Gleacher Center of the University of Chicago’s School of Business. Along with Robert Hitchcock of the Central Arizona Project (CAP), John presented on “International Benchmarking: The Central Arizona Project Case Study” on how CAP has used ongoing benchmarking to reach world class status!

10/1/19 - 



12/9/19 - 


The International Maintenance Conference

The International Maintenance Conference (IMC) held its 34th annual event at the J.W. Marriott in Marco Island, FL on December 9-12, 2019. This premier event connected reliability and asset management professionals from around the globe! More information can be found at

John co-presented on two (2) events:

1)      Along with Clinton Davis from Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources (GCDWR), a 3-hour workshop was held on “The Journey to Excellence: Asset Management Gap Assessments”. John and Clint co-led the workshop that included a case study on GCDWR’s ongoing gap assessment process that is gaining them international attention.

1)      Along with Laith Alfaqih from STANTEC, John and Laith conducted a 45-minute presentation held on “Making the Case for your Capital Project through Business Case Evaluations” that provided an overview and resources for developing effective BCE’s for your asset management and reliability projects.

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