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John Fortin



Asset Management Global Technology Lead



John W. Fortin is an asset management and reliability practitioner with over 34 years of facilities ‘lifecycle’ experience including design, construction and O&M. He has developed and implemented effective organizational change management programs required to implement a sustainable asset management culture. John provides a practitioner’s view to clients and through industry association events sharing his successes at designing and implementing the Facilities Asset Management Program for the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority at the 1,000 million-gallon-per-day Deer Island Treatment Plant in Boston, MA. The award-winning project resulted in reduced costs, increased reliability and availability, and a shift from reactive to proactive work practices.

John is internationally recognized for his leadership in strategy development, implementation and change management approaches. He has led and today coaches and mentors cross-industry clients in the development and implementation of Asset Management and Reliability best practices, some who have won international awards. He utilizes the DELTA FORCE model of innovative techniques to provide sustainable change to client’s strategic programs and initiatives which are now published in the 2nd EDITION of his book “Why Execution Fails And What to Do About It”.

As Global Lead for Asset Management at JACOBS, John enjoys leading an internal Global Asset Management Community of Practice as well as supporting execution of a diverse portfolio of client strategic initiatives leveraging the principles from the DELTA FORCE model.

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